Hi, I'm Wes.

I created Anicca Development as a means for enacting positive change.

Web technology has come a long way. Tools that were once only available to companies with a team of software developers are now becoming more and more accessible to anyone who has the tenacity to learn and keep up to date with the changing landscape of the web.

I've dedicated myself to helping busy business owners bring powerful web solutions to their work without breaking the bank.

Share Your Vision. Grow Your Business.

Being a entrepreneur requires vision. If you can't see the value you offer to the world, you wouldn't have the motivation to take those first steps.

Showcasing what you offer in a clear and concise way is easier said than done. There are people who are looking for a business just like yours to help them with their problem, but if they're at all confused on how you're going to help them, they move onto the next business.

The art of clearly showing your target audience how you can help them is what we do.

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