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Web Design & Development

We've honed our expertise in the art and science of web design & development. We know how to build a truly scalable framework for your business, implement the most relevant tools and develop powerful functionality to transform your website into an effective tool that delivers on your business goals.
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"Great, my business has a website...
...Now where is everyone?"

In comes Search Engine Optimization (SEO), which is the practice of increasing both the quantity and quality of website traffic, as well as exposure to your business, through non-paid (also known as "organic") search engine results.

It's not as easy as flicking a switch, SEO is an ongoing process that usually takes around 3 months before we start seeing the fruits of our labour. Remember, there are lots of other businesses competing for that first page spot on Google and it's gonna take a bit of work to get there.

What can you expect...

Month 1

Account Setup & On Page Optimization

  • SEO Benchmark & Keyword Research
  • Google Analytics & Search Console Setup
  • Website SEO Optimizations
  • Google My Business listing advanced optimization as required
  • Initial Backlink Creation

Month 2

Off Page Optimization

  • On Page or Off Page Content Creation as Needed
  • Continued Backlinks Creation
  • Continued On Page Website Optimization as Needed

Month 3+

Link Acquisition & Ongoing SEO Work

  • Monitoring SEO Health & Making changes where needed.
  • Continued Backlinks Creation

See your return on investment

Our SEO service includes a monthly report so you can clearly see how it's impacting your business goals.
Or you can tell by how much the phone has been ringing 😜

"White hat" vs "Black hat" SEO

"White hat SEO" refers to SEO techniques, best practices, and strategies that abide by search engine rules, its primary focus is to provide REAL organic value.

"Black hat SEO" refers to techniques and strategies that attempt to spam/fool search engines. While black hat SEO can work, it puts websites at tremendous risk of being penalized and/or de-indexed (removed from search results).

Anicca Development is proud to offer local businesses with a white hat SEO service that they can trust.

Grow your website Traffic

Showcase Your Business

All of our showcase services include professional post production editing & color correction so that your business venture is shown in the best light possible.
Showcase Services

Cloud Dashboard

Your command center for running running a business in the digital age. With our Cloud Dashboard, you have access to powerful tools that help you grow and stay organized: everything from scheduling/organizing your social media (or get us to help you), tracking ad performance, sending review requests.. you can even do your accounting on the cloud as we integrate with QuickBooks.
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Cloud dashboard

The Anicca Philosophy


Embracing change is essential in our fast-paced world. The Anicca Philosophy, inspired by the Buddhist concept of impermanence, guides our approach to web development and digital marketing. Embracing the constant evolution of technology and culture, we support your business in navigating an ever-changing world.

Anicca Development remains at the forefront of emerging trends, harnessing innovations in marketing, web development, and content creation to help your business thrive, delivering tailored solutions to meet your unique objectives.

Together, let's embrace the impermanence of nature and build a resilient business that benefits both your success and the greater community.

About me 👋

I view the internet as an incredible opportunity for us to amplify positive impact across the globe. I started Anicca Development with a vision to harness the power of technology and digital marketing as catalysts for meaningful change.

I currently work in a cross-functional marketing position at an enterprise home care software company, where I'm always growing and applying my knowledge.

If you're seeking support in leveraging web solutions, including the burgeoning AI ecosystem to achieve your objectives, I invite you to connect with me for a chat.

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